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Hawaiian Names Have you ever wondered what your name would be when translated into Hawaiian? Maui Divers of Mia - Mia, Michael - Mikale Michaela -   ‎ F · ‎ I · ‎ O · ‎ Q. Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |. Scroll down to your name in the list. Find our what your name is in Hawaiian. The perfect way to find a Hawaiian Baby Name. My first name is Tari or Tarilee in full. Kerry - Keli Kevin - Kewina Kim - Kimo Kimberly - Kimipeli Kirk - Keleka Kirsten - Kilekeni Kristen - Kilikina Kurt - Keleka Kyle - Kaila. If you know a Hawaiian Name and want to know what it means in English, type it in the Hawaiian Name field. November 29, at 7: In other words, relax tampax. No Comments Pauline says:

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Hawaiian Pronunciation Guide With Moana's Auli'i Cravalho Have you ever wondered what your name would be when translated into Hawaiian? April 14, at 1: Norman - Nolemana Norris - Noleka Olga - Oleka Olive - Oliwa Oliver - Oliwa Olivia - Oliwia Opal - Opala Ophelia - Opelia Orin - Olina Oscar - Oka Oswald - Okewoleka Otis - Okike Otto- Oka Owen - Owena. Just wondering if there is any Hawaiian translation for the name Tiahna? December 26, at 6: We have tried to place in as many names as possible! Nadine - Nakine Nan - Nana Nancy - Naneki Nanette - Naneki Naomi - Naomi Natalie - Nakeli Nate - Nake Nathan - Nakana Nathaniel - Nakanaela Neal - Niala Ned - Neki Neil - Neile Nellie - Nele Nelson - Nelekona.

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Popular items include keychains, necklaces, cups, and t-shirts. October 4, at 3: January 23, at 8: Hawaiian Hawaiian Heirloom Living Heirloom Nalu Waves Aloha Hearts Plumeria Honu Turtles Nautilus Hawaiian Sun Designer New Designs Kaiulani Paradise Yin Yang Peridot Sterling Silver Kane Men Watches Island Plumeria Ocean Life Pineapple Island Lifestyle Slippers Paradise Chains. Buggah is just fo fun k? No Comments Pauline says: Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter: Do you want to know the Hawaiian name for Michael? No Comments cohen says: September 20, at 1: January 4, at 5: Pls, ad to it. An archangel associated with defending Israel in the tribulation. I am starting a business in Honolulu it will be doing hair and makeup for weddings throughout the islands and I need to find a name for my business but I would like to incorporate the Hawaiian Language I have been in the motion picture business for 30 years and plan on moving to Hawaii and starting a business there when I retire do you have any suggestions Thanks! Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter: How to say and write Michael in Hawaiian If you go into a souvenir shop in Hawaii, you may find numerous items printed with the name Michael translated into Hawaiian. May 15, at July 27, at Alexandra, or as my name Aleksandra in Hawaiian is ALEKANEKA. It is also Hawaiian meaning "diamond", derived from the English word diamond. Latest Posts Eat Local Cravings — Satisfying Your Taste Buds. November 25, at 1: Featured Posts Eat Local Cravings — Satisfying Your Taste Buds.

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